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Sealed with a dog’s approval

Pet Munchies is a multi-award winning range of premium, gourmet treats made with high quality, natural human grade meat and fish. The treats provide natural textures, flavours and exceptional palatability that dogs and cats love.

Delicious, nutritious and wholesome, we only use the finest chicken, duck, beef liver, venison, lamb, buffalo, ocean white fish and wild salmon. All our meat and fish are delicately baked to perfection in its own natural juices, to preserve flavour and quality.

The majority of our products are naturally low in fat, carbohydrates and salt, plus high in protein. We absolutely do not have any artificial colours or flavours in any of our ranges and most of our treats are grain and gluten free.

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Our Story

It started with…

Our founder’s Flat Coated Retriever was having problems when eating treats and causing allergies. After trying all the available alternatives, we tried everything but still he had problems caused by the ingredients commonly found in treats – so we set out to create something better– and the Pet Munchies Brand was born.

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Our commitment to you

We are committed to sourcing the finest ingredients and ensuring all our treats are made with 100% natural human grade meat, that are full of flavour, including grain and gluten free varieties. Your four-legged best friend deserve a life without boundaries. Where they can walk, run, climb, jump and play to their heart’s content. And we do our utmost to help you give it to them.

That is why we continuously obsess over making the best pet treats in the world.

When you buy a Pet Munchies product, you can also be confident that it has been carefully conceived and designed by our highly experienced canine nutritionists.

We take care to understand the role of each type of ingredient, explore different tastes, textures and formats, and see how all the different products within the Pet Munchies range work together.

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Our products

Since we started, our range has grown, and we are humbled (and very proud) to have been showered with awards and accolades for our products over the years. We’re so grateful for the love and support shown to us not just by our industry, but most importantly by our loyal customers and we thank you all for coming on the journey with us.

We’re a UK based company and our factories are registered with the HACCP food safety system. All are designed and built based on human consumption standards and are strictly managed. All our suppliers are registered CIQ, so we can guarantee that all fish and meat is healthy, traceable and of the highest quality. Any stock coming into the UK is fully tested prior to shipping.

We place great importance on research and development of products and have several professional technicians on hand to ensure continuous quality control and product innovation.

We love your pets.

We love what we do and hope you do too. But most of all, we know that dogs and cats love Pet Munchies and that makes all the effort so worthwhile!